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Regional Alliances

The Social Rights Alliance England is made up of regional and local alliances. We currently have groups in North East England, Yorkshire & Humber and Manchester. 

Working in regional or local Alliances allows each area to explore the issues that are most relevant to them. This helps members to target their actions at the right people and build a solid local network of supporters.


Each Alliance holds the same overarching values and aims. But, each operates in its own way that reflects the needs, culture and history of its members and area. Each Alliance is semi-autonomous - they decide their campaigns, approach and actions. They come together under the banner of the Social Rights Alliance England to further their collective aims, and share learning and resources.

If you are interested to get a Social Rights Alliance started in your area, get in touch at sra@justfair.org.uk.

North East

Our North East alliance (SRANE) has been established since May 2019. Together, members are working on a number of campaigns on issues including digital inclusion and public transport.

Yorkshire & Humber

We are reaching out to individuals and groups in Yorkshire & Humber, to build a new alliance to raise the voice of local who are striving for change in their region.


Starting in Wythenshawe and Moss Side we will be creating a powerful network of budding activists with an aim to campaign against social issues using a rights-based approach.

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