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North East

Together, we promote and defend social rights to build a North East in which everyone can thrive.


The Social Rights Alliance North East (SRANE) is currently working on issues including digital inclusion, adult education and public transport.

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Our journey so far


Our Impact and Learning Report details the growth of the first social rights alliance in the UK. The report shares project highlights, challenges and successes, and where it may go next. 


Our campaigns

Public Transport

Better ConNEcted

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Manifesto for a Better Normal

COVID-19 has been a difficult time for disabled people in the North East. Disabled people are feeling the impact physically, mentally and financially. But, new ways of working and delivering services are increasing. Many of these are more accessible for disabled people.

A woman with downs syndrome working on a laptop
A man in a wheelchair underneathan archway
A woman about to receive treatment in a dentists chair
A woman in a wheelchair sits writing at a desk
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As we focus on how to build back from COVID-19, we have the opportunity to improve disabled people’s rights in the UK. In fact, now is the time to create a better ‘normal’ for disabled people. 

The ‘Manifesto’ highlights 4 key concerns for disabled people in the North East. These are: access and inclusion, health and social care, employment and welfare benefits. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. We call for changes to local authority and UK Government policy. Additionally, we suggest ways that service providers and employers can improve. 

Manifesto – Briefing

Manifesto – Full Report


Contact details for each charity involved are in the full report. Main 

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Lift The Ban

SRANE is a proud supporter and member of the Lift The Ban coalition.

Lift The Ban are working hard to remove the restrictions that ban asylum seekers from being able to work whilst their asylum applications are being reviewed. Not being allowed to work pushes many asylum seekers into greater depths of poverty. It also causes isolation, purposelessness and a lack of belonging in their communities.

Lifting the ban and allowing asylum seekers the right to work is common sense. It will lift people out of poverty, give them opportunities and boost the economy.

For more information have a look at the Lift The Ban website.

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