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We are building the alliance...with NEON!

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Since it’s conception, it has been a long-term ambition for the Social Rights Alliance to become a fully-fledged entity, guided by the strategy and values of Just Fair. From the early successes of the Social Rights Alliance North East, to the continued momentum in Manchester and across England, the Social Rights Alliance will now receive support and training from NEON through their Org Builders programme. The programme coaches new and continued generations of social justice organisations with strategy support, assistance with organizational structure and processes in order to build the power of movements for economic, social and environmental justice.

Building this capacity and structure will allow the Social Rights Alliance to bring our values and ethics into every aspect of our work, develop the resilience and sustainability of the network and establish our role within the wider movement. We are excited to begin this journey and develop our capacity in ensuring that we are well equipped to tackle the enormity of social injustice at hand.

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