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NE Alliance Launch Public Transport Listening Campaign

People on low incomes are struggling to afford public transport in the North East. The Social Rights Alliance North East (SRANE) want to change this.

View of the back of a lady sat on the bus, wearing a cap and pink jacket looking out the window.

People on low incomes are less likely to own a car and rely more heavily on public transport, particularly buses. Not being able to afford a bus, metro, or train journey means that people miss out on opportunities, struggle to access services and food, and feel more isolated. People access benefits as a last resort to stay afloat in times of hardship. But, high public transport costs are making it difficult for people to access every day goods and services, and increases inequalities.

SRANE has identified a need to reduce the cost of public transport for those on benefits and asylum support allowance in the North East. We are working to develop a campaign but want to hear more from you on what would be a useful reduction. Help us to understand more about the problems you experience in accessing buses and trains in the region by filling out our survey. You can read our briefing on the issue for more information

Follow @SRA_NorthEast for updates or email to get involved.

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