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Community Researchers joining Team SRA!

Updated: May 19, 2021

The Social Rights Alliance England is in the process of recruiting 6 grassroot activists from across England to work together through a 6 month support action research project to explore how using a Human Rights Based Approach impacts social justice work/campaigns.

A series of post it notes pinned to a cork board, reading "Open process", "community", "Strong design", "Ourselves"

The Community Researchers, hosted by local organisations, will together explore the principles of a Human Rights Based Approach, build an understanding of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, grow capacity and skills as they develop new approaches to their social justice work. At the end of the project the group will be sharing their learning through some kind of creative report.

The group will be working together largely over zoom and then trying out their learning within their projects and organisations, returning to share experiences and build knowledge as a group.

The Community Researcher Project hopes to start in July so watch this space to meet the team and hear about their journey.

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