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Supporting local people to achieve meaningful social change

Too often, decision makers rarely come from the background of those they represent. We believe in the power of experience and the leadership potential of those who know first-hand the effects of social inequality.

The support we provide brings together communities to campaign against burning injustices through a rights-based approach. Social Rights Alliance England is rooted in the idea that we should all know, understand and exercise our social rights – the everyday rights we are entitled to which allow us to live a safe, fruitful and equal life. 

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Have your say!

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Share your experiences and have your say in how Social Rights Allliance England advances social rights across the country – download our Talk.Act.Change toolkit.

This toolkit is designed to get people talking about social rights and the change we’d like to see. Your responses help us to decide where we focus our campaigning energy and give us a greater understanding of the issues experienced across the region.


"Until I got involved, I didn’t realise how much of my human rights weren’t addressed or how I could voice my concerns. I’m a small voice in a very large world. Having the help and knowledge of SRANE, as a larger voice we can express ourselves better and louder."​

Penny, SRANE Member

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